Ineffable Music Group

Founded in 2006, Ineffable Music Group is a full-service artist management company. We create powerful brands and profitable businesses for a diverse roster of artists. Dedicated to action and transparency, Ineffable has built industry leading infrastructure to forecast, develop, and follow through on all areas of artist management. Our team of music business professionals bring decades of experience to a business that demands the duality of long-term relationships alongside nimble creativity.

Emeryville, CA | Monterey, CA | Charlottesville, VA | Denver, CO

Thomas Cussins – Talent Buyer / Artist Manager
Igor Katz – Director of Operations / Artist Manager
Dan Sheehan – Talent Buyer / Festival Producer
Matt Bailey – Artist Manager / Business Development
Reid Foster – Artist Manager
Rams – Artist Manager
Jose Navarro – Artist Manager / Business Manager
Lukes Morgan – Artist Manager
Curtis Bergesen – Community Manager / Publicist
David Wong – In-House Designer / Community Manager
Anthony Cole – Designer / Ineffable Denver
Andy Pritiken – Designer
Maria Tofalo – Executive Assistant
Sean Anderson – Executive Assistant
Marina Petros – Executive Assistant
Rory Webb – Publicist
Michelle McDevitt – Publicist
Jessica Weber – Radio Promotion
Cory Atkinson – Production Manager / Talent Buyer


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